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A matching card games to help the children match the names of past heroes to their pictures
Here is an awesome jigsaw puzzle to help you identify the rulers of major kingdoms in Nigeria. 

Join Lola as she explores one of the culture and heritage of one of the more popular tribes in Nigeria, The Bini tribe.

Are you ready commando? Test your knowledge of the  Nigerian civil war in this thrilling shooting game and defeat your enemy.

Welcome to the 9ijakids Democracy Game. How much do you know about Nigeria’s democracy? Let’s find out in this exciting game.

This game is based on the battleship game and test your knowledge of Nigeria's Independence, its freedom fighters and things uniquely Nigerian. With each correct answer, you get to sink the enemy's ship and win the war. 

This card games matches pictures of past rulers (both British and Nigerians) to their names. The objective of the game is to make children familiar with the country's past rulers

This is a fun game where the objective is to try to cross the River Niger without getting eaten by the hungry crocodiles there!