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Verbs are action words. Are you ready for a game filled with loads of action? Play the Action Word game, identify verbs and try to stop the bombs dropping on the city. The city is counting on you.

Describe It is a fun game to help our little learners learn more about adjectives. Help the worm through the path to identify all the adjectives that have been buried

This game will test how much children in Year/Grade 1 know and understand about some of the basic English principles. The focus of this game is to help Lola catch as many balloons as possible and earn point

This is a game which tests how much children in Grade/Year 2 understand and  about some basic English principles. Help Lola catch as many balloons as possible. The more balloons you get the more points you earn...

This is a game targeted to children in year 2. It tests their knowledge on English grammar such as Noun, Verb, Adjectives and  Adverb. In this game,the child is expected to arrange trophy into their trophy collections.

How familiar are you with indefinite article(A, An and The)? This game will help kids understand the use of English article.

Come on this trophy filled adventure where each correct answer rewards you with a treasure for you to put into your treasure chest as we test your knowledge of English grammar