Fun games to help children develop leadership skills, teach children about the awesome works of God and how to work together with others to achieve more!

Let the children have fun with money in our Kiddipreneur game. In this game, children can earn money doing various chores and money earned can be spent in the  Tuck Shop buying lots of goody treats. The more they want, they more they need to earn doing chores.

What do you know about money, income, expenses, banking, deposits, withdrawals, profit, loss, etc? A lot? You sure? Well this fun games makes learning about the various terminologies in financial literacy fun and exciting. Take your first step in being an entrepreneur and business savvy with Money Matters

Does your child know how to save? Does he or she know what to do when given money? Go on this fun journey with Lola to learn how to save and protect their money.

Are you a budding kiddipreneur? Hurray! Its super sales season! The super mart is open for business and there is a slash price promo and give away. Let’s shop as much as we can while putting our buying and selling skill to good use.

Rather than working as an employee, hustler Jamal decides to set up his own business. Help Jamal ‘the hustler’ with your skills on this interesting quest to overtake the market and earn hustling points.

Come and help sharp businessman Jamal as he gets his cargo on the ship and ready for export. This game will test your knowledge of import and export as it pertains to Nigeria, Africa and the World