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Everyone needs to eat to stay alive even animals. Play this science game to see how much you know about animals and their food chain. 

Go on a journey with Lola to learn more about plants, parts of a plant, stages of plant growth, what plants need to grow and various uses of plants. 

Timmy is a proud gardener who grows lots of juicy fruits and vegetables to sell in the Vegetable market. However some moles have been digging holes in his garden and destroying his fruits and vegetables. Do you have what it takes to help save the fruits and vegetables?

Can you identify and differentiate living things from non-living things? Okay then! Let’s see how good you are at it as you join Lola in this interesting game.

This is an exciting game which helps kids to identify  parts of the human body. Help Dr. T label the body parts and earn points along the way.

Go on a safari adventure with Lola. Play this fun science game to help kids understand the various groups of the animal kingdom. Kids sort and place the animals in the right animal groups by type, where they live, what they eat, etc