Age: 6-7

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This is a game targeted to children in year 2. It tests their knowledge on English grammar such as Noun, Verb, Adjectives and  Adverb. In this game,the child is expected to arrange trophy into their trophy collections.

Category: Parts of Speech

This game is  based on testing the knowledge of kids in identifying the sources of light.The bulb in the house are blown out and Lola needs your help to replace the blown out bulbs.

What have you learnt about communication? Do you know the different ways we can communicate? Let's test how much you know about communication in this game. Help Lola catch the newspaper and earn bonus points

Category: Time

Join Lola and Timmy in France to explore the major tourist attractions in France. On this adventure test your french on typical greetings, numbers, days of the week, colours and animals. 

Category: French

David, the giant slayer is yet another fun and captivating high-quality game from the popular Bible Heroes series about the stories of how David saved the children of Israel from being slaves to a giant called Goliath!

Category: Characters

Join Mighty Sam to defeat the nasty Philistine army! Answer five questions correctly to save the city from the bombs the enemy is dropping on them!

Category: Characters

A games that matches the names of God to its meaning. It’s a fun way for the children to learn the various names of God

Category: Stories

A game to teach children about their private and public parts, good and bad touch and how to protect their bodies.

Category: Social Value