Courses tagged with "Valuetopia"

Lets take you back in time to London and the year 1966. It was the year of the Great Fire of London. Do you know about the fire? Well, if you do, play this fun game to see if you can help quench the fire

Join Lola on her road trip to explore beautiful landmarks across the world! This games makes learning about physical and human features fun and exciting. As part of the journey, children also get to learn about  transportation and roads signs

Category: Geography

Join Lola and Timmy in France to explore the major tourist attractions in France. On this adventure test your french on typical greetings, numbers, days of the week, colours and animals. 

Category: French
Are you ready to show how well you know your bible heroes? You are? Great! All you have to do is to click on the names of bible heroes before the bubbles fall to the ground!
Category: Characters

David, the giant slayer is yet another fun and captivating high-quality game from the popular Bible Heroes series about the stories of how David saved the children of Israel from being slaves to a giant called Goliath!

Category: Characters

Join Mighty Sam to defeat the nasty Philistine army! Answer five questions correctly to save the city from the bombs the enemy is dropping on them!

Category: Characters
How well do you know the books of the Bible. Do you know how many book there are in the bible? Do you know the various books of the old and new testaments? Do you know the authors of the various books? Can you arrange them in their right order?
Category: Stories
Christmas carols are such a fun part of Christmas. Do you children know lots of popular Christmas carols? You sure? Let them test their knowledge of Christmas Carols in this fun and exciting game. The kids love it
Category: Stories

A games that matches the names of God to its meaning. It’s a fun way for the children to learn the various names of God

Category: Stories
Let the children learn a little about some of the states in Nigeria and the type of food eaten there.